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College Entrance Requirements

Preparation for College

Our graduation requirements are aligned with the minimum course requirements for most four-year colleges. 学生 are kept on-track with a demanding core course curriculum.  Colleges pay close attention to the courses students select and complete in high school and along with GPA, the rigor of a student’s course curriculum are the two most important factors in the admission review.  We want our students to have success in their admission process, but more importantly we want to set students up for success in their college courses.  在适当的时候, students should challenge themselves to take courses that exceed the minimum requirements.

The University of California and the Cal State University require a minimum 15-unit pattern of courses for admission as a first-time freshman referred to as the UC/CSU A-G course requirements. Each unit is equal to a year of study in a subject area. A grade of C- or better is required for each course you use to meet any subject requirement.

主题 年数
历史 and Social 科学 2
英语 4
数学 3 (4 years recommended, including Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, or higher)
实验室科学 2 (including 1 biological science and 1 physical science)
Language (other than 英语) 2 (2 years of the same language; American Sign Language is applicable)
视觉 and 表演艺术  1 (dance, theater, music, or visual art)
College Preparatory Elective 1 (additional year chosen from the above areas)

Each year, DLS submits our coursework for approval.  Click the following link to view the current year UC/CSU approved course list.


We provide a comprehensive and robust 大学咨询 program.  The Co-Directors of 大学咨询 are specialists in the college planning and admission process.  Class presentations begin in the fall of sophomore year.  College evening programs for parents and students begin with the Frosh/Soph College Night in the spring semester.

Our College Advisory program starts with three weekly sessions in the spring semester of our student's Junior Year, 第7期.   All seniors are required to take College Advisory for Seniors. These classes happen 第7期. The purpose of College Advisory is to provide timely and essential college application information to our seniors in small groups on a consistent basis.

访问我们的 大学咨询 webpage for more information about our program.

学生 and parents are always welcome to contact the Co-Directors of 大学咨询 with questions about the college search, 选择, and application process.